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Livia Rolandini graduated as a sculptor from the Royal College of Art in the mid sixties, she then went to teach at various art colleges then went to New York where she she worked and exhibited her sculpture.

She has worked with many different materials and at present is working mostly with wire mesh. Rolandini manipulates the material so deftly that the finished shapes resemble a three dimensional drawing.
Our perception of the object varies, depending on the caste of the light, shifting between a solid recognisable fortm and a vanishing outline. In some cases the shadow is integral to the scolpture, in others it is dependent on the light source.

In this installation she interprises dogs sculpted in traditional materials like bronze and wood.

Rolandini's studio is based in Hammersmith. She has taught community groups for many yers in the borough, and is also an art teacher at Wormwood Scrubs Prison.

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